Honda WX15 Volume Pump


The powerful WX15 is a compact 1.5″ volume pump with a 40m head that delivers a maximum capacity of 240 litres per minute.

Portable & versatile, the WX15 is able to handle large volumes of clean water, making it ideal for irrigation, drainage, general purpose cleaning and many other applications.  It features an economical 1.5″ volume pump, with a maximum suction head of 8m and a maximum total head of 40m.  It delivers 240 litres of water per minute, ensuring that however you choose to use it, the WX15 will offer you great pressure at a very reasonable price.



  • Engine: Honda GXH50 – 50cc
  • Total Head: 37m
  • Suction Head: 8m
  • Maximum Pumping Capacity: 280 litres
  • Pump Type: Centrifugal volume pump