STIHL SR 450 Professional Mistblower


As a farmer, orchardist or winegrower, you can hardly control the weather.  However, the cultivation and care of your vegetable crops, fruit trees or vines is a different matter, demanding much of both man and machine.  With this in mind, our STIHL mistblowers have been designed for the harshest of professional applications.  Powerful and versatile, their strengths are most impressively demonstrated on difficult terrain or large areas of land.  They are ergonomical and lightweight, easy to use with just one hand and accurately deliver liquids, granules or seeds over a wide range.  Optimum conditions for strong growth and productive soil.

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  • Displacement: 63.3cc
  • Weight:  12.7Kg
  • Multi-function control handle
  • STIHL Anti-vibration system
  • STIHL ElastoStart Starting